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Our repairs and maintenance service requires consent from the property landlord/property owner being the responsible person to pay for the repair bill depending on whether or not the repair is not classified as damage caused by the tenant .
As soon as a repair/maintenance matter is reported to us we will visit and confirm the nature of the repair, estimate the cost and thereafter advise the landlord/property owner in a bid to seek permission for the repair(s) to be carried out at the property with our supervision.

For all repair/maintenance works we will:

•    Give you a feed back on responsibility for the repair within 24 hours of the repair being reported to us.
•    Give you a job reference person and telephone number with a range of appointment dates and times when you request a repair to your home.
•    Remind you about your appointment 24 hours before it happens.
•    Carry out urgent repairs within 24 hours. These are repairs that are deemed necessary to avoid the risk of injury to people, or damage to buildings and property.
•    Repair, replace or provide temporary lighting within shared areas within five working days of any lighting fault being reported to us.