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Premier Property Management Ltd is one of Uganda’s leading managing companies. Our aim is to provide customers with a quality value for money service.

Our professional property management personnel and bonded repairs & maintenance staff have over 10 years of collective experience. This helps ensure that the property owner receives the maximum return on their investment, while minimizing potential liabilities. The tenant receives fair, courteous and timely attention to their needs.

A professional property management service does a better job than most property owners can ever achieve and normally covers more than what the management fees represent.

Remember, hiring a property manager does not cost, it pays! At Premier Property Management Ltd, that is a reality.

Our goal, at Premier Property Management Ltd, is to develop and maintain the financial success of your property, while freeing you from the day-to-day stresses of property management. Premier Property Management Ltd is a customer focused and technologically advanced property management firm and our services are consistently updated to meet the changing demands within the marketplace. With PPML, you can enjoy the benefits of being a property owner without having the headaches that often accompany the management of your investment.

When you choose PPML as your property management partner, you’ll work will a company that has been built on the tradition of serving communities like yours …. and has the successful track record.  

Taking Care of You and Your Property