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How to gain control of the market

In real estate agency, the listings that you create are the lifeblood of the commissions earned. When you focus on listing quality properties in your area, the enquiries come to you and the real estate business opens up with opportunity. The agent with the listing always wins more commissions in any market.

Far too many agents forget that listings are the most important part of our business. They work with buyers or tenants, and then chase around the industry looking for other agents with the required listing stock. The fact is that buyers and tenants can move around and talk to many agents; you then have little stability and control on the potential deal or the enquiry.

So you can do your job the ‘hard way’ or you can do it the ‘best way’. Wouldn’t you rather control all of the listing yourself and have the client on an exclusive listing with your agency? You then have the opportunity to market and sell or lease the property yourself; this then means better commissions and no fee splits with other agents introducing a buyer or tenant to the deal. You control the deal.

So the message here is that you should get refocused on creating listings and capturing the quality properties in your area. To do this you need a plan and a process to take you forward.